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Forensic Science: Forensic Sculpture

Forensic Sculpture Links

Faces from the grave

Forensic sculpture


Forensic sculptor shapes cases

Rare forensic scupltor Frank Bender tells 60 Minutes Wednesday Correspondent Jim Stewart how he brings faces of the dead back to life

Philippe Faraut

Forensic Reconstruction and full Figure Sculpting are the specialty of Philippe Faraut, award-winning Stone Sculptor

Criminal Investigation - Forensic Sculptor

Intuitive Forensic Facial Reconstruction by Frank Bender

What is a forensic sculptor?
Through a process of art and science, forensic sculptors recreate what someone looked like at the time of his death, what someone might have looked like if he had aged or when he younger or how someone appeared centuries ago.

Forensic sculpture
Blake Ketchum uses the Manchester method of forensic reconstruction to reconstruct a likeness from the skeleton.