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Forensic Science: Forensic Linguistics

Forensic Linguistics Links

Forensic linguistics

Forensic linguistics is a field of applied linguistics involving the relationship between language, the law, and crime.Wikipedia article - confirm accuracy against a verified source.

Forensic Linguistics

Applies the theories, constructs and analytical methods of linguistics to questions which arise in civil, criminal and security investigations and adjudication.

Dr John Olsson – Forensic Linguist

Information about forensic linguistics and also famous cases. Includes links to videos and eBooks.

What is forensic linguistics?
The field of forensic linguistics has been growing in prominence in the past couple of decades.

Finding a murderer through text messages
Forensic Linguistics: Finding a Murderer Through Text Messages Malcolm Coulthard teaches Forensic Linguistics at Aston University, Birmingham. Coulthard explains how the analysis of text messages helped solve a recent murder case. This puts him on the new frontier of police work.