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Forensic Science: Forensic Pathology

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Forensic Pathology

Pathology is the study of disease and its causes. Forensic pathology involves discovering the cause of death, especially in cases where it is sudden or the police suspect that it has not occurred by natural causes. A forensic pathologist is a medical doctor trained in pathology.

The Role of the Forensic Pathologist
Forensic pathologists are independent practitioners who provide unbiased medico-legal opinions for police, lawyers and the courts.


Forensic Pathology

The branch of medicine that helps in determining the cause of death. Details of roles and branches of this area of forensic science.

Forensic pathology
Forensic pathologists are health specialists who assists coroners, police and courts to resolve critical medical issues, including causes of death and how injuries might have occurred.

Forensic Pathology

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Forensic Pathology

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Forensic evidence
Forensic pathology, biometric recognition Facial recognition, retinal iris scans, DNA fingerprinting, brain printing, ear matching, smart cards...what's next? [Article]

Forensic Pathology

Forensic Pathology: Dr Noel Woodford from the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine.