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Forensic Science: Forensic Geology

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Forensic geology

Forensic Geology is the study of evidence relating to minerals, soil, petroleums, and other materials found in the Earth used to answer questions raised by the legal system. Article from Wikipedia - check for accuracy against erified sources.

Profs use geoforensics to aid in murder case
In fall 1997, Dr. Daniel Frederick, Associate Professor of Geology at APSU, assisted in solving a murder.

Forensic geology

"At a glance the splashes on his trouser told me what part of London he had been to." (Sherlock Holmes)
In many ways a geologist is like a detective, using their tools and talents to sift through evidence.

Collecting crime evidence from earth
As with so many other types of criminal investigation, forensic geology began with the writings of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who wrote the Sherlock Holmes series between 1887 and 1927.

Geoforensics : Forensic geology

Geoforensics involves the application of geologic knowledge to legal matters.

Forensic geology case histories
Taken from: Forensic Geology, by Raymond C. Murray and John C.F. Tedrow (1992)

What is a forensic geologist?
Forensic geology connects earth science with criminology. By analyzing soil, forensic geologists can determine where a crime happened. The field is fairly new and was pioneered by Ray Murray, PhD, a geology professor at Rutgers University, beginning in 1973.

Forensic Geology : USF Department of Anthropology

USF's Departments of Anthropology and Geology are offering assistance to local law enforcement with a course on forensic archaeology and geophysics. University Beat attended one of the class' field trips— to an actual field on campus where students put their lessons to practice in the "search" for a "buried body."