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Research Process: Helpful Videos

Guidelines for a successful research experience. Adapted from the Copley Library Guide,

Videos to Help You Have Successful Research Steps from EasyBib : The videos in the left-hand column are produced on Vimeo and need to be viewed off campus.

Thesis Statements  Shows you how to create a thesis statement.

Outlines  Shows you how to create an outline.

Keyword and Subject Headings  Determine keywords to use for researching.

Solving the Problem Investigate a variety of resources for your research.

Primary & Secondary Sources Explains the differences between primary and secondary sources.

Advanced Searching  Using the Advanced Search function for better results.

Paraphrasing  Putting information in your own words.


In-Text Citations  How to cite information that you have paraphrased or quoted.

How To Write an A+ Thesis Statement

From Question to Keywords

Lloyd Sealy Library: John Jay College of Criminal Justice/New York

Online Research : Tips for Effective Search Strategies

In-Text Citations (Parenthetical)

How to Remember What You Read

Ever read something and have no idea what it said? Reading strategies.