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Research Process: How to Identify Resource Types

Guidelines for a successful research experience. Adapted from the Copley Library Guide,

The Different Types of Print & Online Resources Available for Your Research Projects

   What is an Anthology?

Anthology : a collection of short works by different contributors or a single author or artist.


 Blog : an online source in any language or length read through a Web browser, composed of dated posts.


Book : written to be read from beginning to end. It may be fiction or nonfiction.


Born Digital : refers to something created in digital form  for the web.  You do not know where the image itself is physically stored.



Journal : published periodically. It is intended for members of a profession and contains: original research, critical analysis and is peer reviewed.



Magazine : published on a regular basis and is intended for a general audience. May contain articles, interviews, reviews, analysis of current events and personal narratives and opinions. 


Newspapers : are published daily or weekly (periodically) in print and online and contains : local news, photos, investigative reports, videos, advertisements, reviews, and editorials.




Pamphlets or Brochures : are "nonperiodical," that is, not published on a regular schedule like a magazine or journal.  They may be posted online in a pdf format or obtained physically from local organizations.




Reference Work : (print book, e-book or database) is organized to provide direct access to: factual information, statistics, overview of subject matter, maps and definitions.





Work of Visual Art : An object (painting, photograph, art object) that you actually see in a museum, library archive, personal collection or a public space.






Website or Web Page : is an online source of any length or language. Using a Web browser, you can view a Web page as a stand-alone page or part of a collection of web pages. 




Interviews : Can provide knowledge of subject matter, provide referrals to others, excellent source of primary information.