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Research Process: Citing Sources

Guidelines for a successful research experience. Adapted from the Copley Library Guide,


Use the information on this page to help you correctly cite your sources that are used in your research paper. There is a complete MLA citation ebook from EasyBib on the left plus additional links, videos to help you set up your Works Cited page and create citations with EasyBib, also a link to EasyBib citation maker.

MLA Resources


Understanding MLA Style (8th Edition)

 "This video uses lots of examples to show the logic of the new changes and to explore some of the most noticeable new details". (Kyle Stedman) Jun 3, 2016.

MLA for Dummies 8th Edition

Why is MLA important? Where to find bibliographic information and how to cite properly in text. How to format a paper. How to cite online sources. How to cite in-text citations. (Libby Bennett) July 24, 2016

MLA Style Center

                                         MLA Style Center 

In-Text Citations (Parenthetical)