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Ashley High Media Center: Informational Websites

On This Page : Informational Websites

The following boxes contain links to websites organized by the Dewey Decimal system.  Click on tabs to change pages.

Website Links 000-399

000 Computers, Awards and Generalities

Webopedia   Online dictionary and search engine for computer and Internet technology - constantly updated.
Cyber Security Tips   Learn how to improve your online security.
Evalutating Web Sites   Cornell University
WayBack Machine   Archived old webpages from 1996.
ZDNet   The latest news, a software library, an alphabetical listing of computer companies and their products, product guides, a buying advisor, and games.
Nobel Prize Organization   This year's Nobel Prize winners, links to related sites, and a searchable database of past laureates.   See the calendar for any year and any country, check time zones, and view upcoming holiday and event dates around the world.
The Old Farmer's Almanac      Weather forecasts.

010 Bibliography

020 Libraries and Library Materials

ALA Awards   Book, Print and Media awards.
The Library of Congress
The Center for the Book
State Library of North Carolina   Digital Collections.

030 Generalities   Quick factual answers.   Search contents of standard reference sources.   Has more than 100 trusted sources, including encyclopedias, dictionaries, and thesauruses.
Guinness World Records
Infoplease   Online almanac.
ipl2   Links to useful and reliable online reference sources.
Wikipedia   Online encyclopedia, updated by people who read it.

040 (unused)
050 Magazines

060 Museums

Art and Museums Online
Cape Fear Museum
Library of Congress Exhibitions   Worldwide Guide to Museums Online

070 Journalism   Links to newspapers in U.S and the world.
Google News
Newseum Today's Front Pages : 894 pages from 88 countries. 

080 Miscellaneous

090 Rare Books, Banned Books
Banned Books Online
ALA American Library Association   Banned and Challenged Books

100 Philosophy-Psychology

100 Theory

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy  

110 Metaphysics
120 Epistomology

130 Paranormal Phenomena

The Astrology Zone   Horoscopes.

140 Philosophical Schools

150 Psychology

PsychCentral   Listing of newsgroups, mailing lists, and web pages that promote good mental health.
American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry    Information  about psychiatric disorders affecting children and teens.

160 Logic

170 Ethics   Information on animal rights and organizations.
Ethics on the WorldWide Web   This site covers such topics as ethics in business, law, medicine, sports, the environment, the media, the military, science, and government.

180 Ancient, Oriental Philosophy
190 Modern Philosophy

200 Religion

200 General Religion   This is a good source for religion statistics - covers over 4,000 sects, and is searchable by religion or location.
Virtual Religion Index    The Rutgers University Religion Dept. has a highly recommended site with links to all the major religions and to religious topics of all kinds.

220 Bible

Bible Gateway    Includes a searchable Bible dictionary, concordance, and phrase-finder.

280 Christian Denominations

Orthodox Church in America   Learn about the Orthodox faith, includes the Greek, Russian, Syrian, Serbian, and Romanian Orthodox Churches.
New Advent Catholic Website   Links to catechisms, encyclicals, the complete 1913 edition of the Catholic Encyclopedia, Catholic media sites, and many other sources.

290 Other Religions

Encyclopedia Mythica   World mythologies.
The Hindu Universe Resource Center    Arts, customs, temples, worship, scriptures, and other religious and secular aspects of Hindu life.
Judaism and Jewish Resources  
Navigating the Bible II   This site will expand your knowledge of Torah, the Jewish Bible.

300 Social Sciences

300 Sociology

310 Statistics

U. S. Census Bureau
Statistical Abstract of the United States
Sperling's Best Places (to live, work, raise children and retire)
North Carolina State Center for Health Statistics

320 Political Science  United States Legislative information.
Political Parties   List of links to political parties around the world.
The Democratic National Committee Republican National Committee
Project VoteSmart   Information on political issues, campaigns, and candidates.   Information from the Federal Election Commission about campaign contributions to Congress, the political parties, and the presidential campaigns.

330 Economics, Finance, Jobs

The Riley Guide: Employment Opportunities and Job Resources
Exploring Career Information : What Do You Like?  Check out careers if you like math, nature, fixing things, reading, helping people.   (BLS)
Occupational Outlook Handbook  (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
JobStar : Guides for Specific Careers   Packed with information about planning your career : wages, work environment, training or education.
CareerOneStop   Explore careers and job search tools. (U.S. Dept. of Labor)   Source for up-to-date information on rates for mortgages, home equity and auto loans, credit cards, savings, checking accounts, and ATM fees.
Treasury Direct   Basic information on and/or buy U.S. savings bonds, Treasury bills, notes, or bonds. The Universal Currency Converter
Yahoo Finance (Stock Quotes)
Federal and State Tax Forms
Consumer Price Indexes

340 Law

Everyday Law for Everyday People
American Civil Liberties Union
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
Passport Services and Information
U.S. Copyright Office

Landmark Cases of the U.S.Supreme Court Resources for Entreprenuers   Business start-up guides for cities in North Carolina.
Thrive in North Carolina   Start-up resources for new businesses in NC.

350 Government

United Nations
Bureau of Consular Affairs
Embassy World

THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet   Information on the U.S. Congress - current bills, the Congressional Record, e-mail addresses, and the full text of the Constitution.
(The US Congress)Votes Database   View the individual votes of any member of Congress on any legislation since 1991.
Biographical Directory of the US Congress   Find biographies of members of Congress who served from 1774 up to the present.
U.S. House of Representatives  Links to Web sites for Representatives, House committees and organizations.
U.S. Senate   A directory of United States Senators and Senate committees with links to the Senators' Web pages.

State and Local Government On the Net
State Statutes   Links to full text of state statutes, constitutions and other legislative resources.  (Cornell University)
North Carolina State and Local Government  
National Association of Counties

Taps Bugler  Links to the history of Taps and the use of the bugle by the military.
MilitaryTimes   View the Guide to Military Installations in the U.S.; a Library section with images of aircrafts, ships, and tanks; clip art and sound files; Search for People section; news summaries, and more.
Selective Service System

360 Social Service

Disabilities Resources on the Internet   This comprehensive online resource for disability information has links, articles, and information on specific disabilities and related local agencies and organizations.
Veterans Benefits and Services   Complete information here for veterans.
Identity Theft Resource Center   Provides consumer and victim support for issues involving identity theft.
Social Security Online   Social Security Handbook, Social Security laws and regulations, Medicare and disability benefits, personal earnings and benefits estimate request forms, information on employer wage reporting, plus special pages for kids, teens, parents, and teachers.
Medicare   U.S. Government site on Medicare covers eligibility, enrollment, and managed care, with online publications.   Information on private and public adoption agencies, conferences, and other resources for birth parents, adoptees and adoptive parents.   Learn how to prepare for security threats to U.S. citizens with information from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

370 Education

National Home Education Network   A comprehensive site for links supporting all aspects of homeschooling.
IIE Passport   The Institute of International Education-study abroad program.
ERIC   Information on teaching and teacher education, including free access to the full ERIC citation database of articles and reports on education from 1966 to the present.
College Board Online   SAT test dates and sample questions and a College Search feature.
Peterson's College Search
GoCollege   Search for colleges by your intended major, by location, and by tuition cost.
College and University Rankings   A collection of links to rankings for undergraduate, graduate, research, business, law, and international schools.
FAFSA On The Web   Fill out and send in a Free Application for Federal Financial Aid.
College Prep 101   What to expect once you get to college
ACT : A Student Site for ACT Test Takers  Test dates, registration, FAQs, scores, test prep and student blog.
ACT Online Practice Test Questions   Includes 5 sets of questions for English and Math, 4 sets for Reading and 7 sets for Science.  Also includes a sample writing prompt and possible responses.
Preparing For The ACT   Download a free 80 page booklet with full-length practice tests including a writing test, strategies for taking the test and what to expect on test day.
The ACT Reading Test  From Kaplan. Includes a short video explaining this section of the test and a 35 minute - 40 question online practice test and test strategies.  (You will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the quiz). 
The ACT Science Test   From Kaplan.  Includes a short video explaining this section of the test and a 35 minute - 40 question online practice test and test strategies.  (You will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the quiz).
The ACT Math Test   From Kaplan.  Includes a short video explaining this section of the test and a 60 minute - 60 question online practice test and test strategies.  (You will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the quiz).
The ACT English Test   From Kaplan.  Includes a short video explaining this section of the test and a 45 minute - 75 question online practice test and test strategies.  (You will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the quiz).
The ACT Writing Test   From Kaplan.  Explanation of the writing portion of the test and includes a short video on preparing a response to your writing prompt in a timely manner.
Kaplan ACT Quiz Bank  Sign-up for a free account to a database of questions and create your own quizzes to meet your needs, you will also get instant analysis of your results with correct answers and explanations.
Test Prep Review  Free online practice tests for ACT, Accuplacer, ASVAB, PSAT, SAT and many others.  For each test there are many self-assessment modules accompanied by the answers at the end of each module.
Kaplan SAT Quiz Bank   Sign-up for a free account to a database of over 1000 questions and create your own quizzes to meet your needs, you will also get instant analysis of your results with correct answers and explanations.

380 Communication, Transportation

Chamber of Commerce   Contact information for city, state, and U.S. chambers of commerce, as well as convention and visitors' bureaus, state boards of tourism.
USPS Zip Code Lookup
Zipcodes and Postal Codes of the World
National Traffic and Road Closure Information
Online Amtrak Schedules   Includes the history of the national passenger rail service and ticket information.
Greyhound Lines, Inc.   Routes and schedules.

390 Customs

Earth Calendar   Dates for holidays and celebrations around the world.

Costumer's Manifesto   Links to illustrations of costumes from Ancient Babylon through the late 20th century.
Elizabethan Costuming Page   16th century Elizabethan and Tudor costumes, dress and fashion.
Regency Fashion Page   Fashion of the Regency period during the early 19th century.
The Costume Gallery   Comprehensive costume history website covering different eras and regions in the world.
Fashion Era   Fashion history from the 1800s to the present day.  Also includes the history of jewelry, perfumes, and cosmetics.
1920s Flapper Fashion History  
NativeTech: leather and clothing   Contains information about Native American history, clothing, and accessories.
Costumes of the Levant   Provides an overview with photographs of historical Lebanese, Syrian, Bedouin and Kurdish clothing.
A History of Kimono  

Emily Post Institute   Etiquette and manners.
USA Bride   Information on weddings: ceremony, gifts, wedding songs and traditions, planning a honeymoon.   A guide to business etiquette and culture around the world.

Day of the Dead in Mexico  Photography, recipes, traditions, poems.
Dia de los Muertos   History, events, food, videos, slideshows, teacher and student links.
Holidays and Observances Around the World
Bizarre, Wacky and Unique Holidays
Federal Holidays

Fairy Tales : Reading and Research  
Folklore and Mythology Electonic Texts   Folk tales from around the world on this site, including Aesop's Fables, stories by Hans Christian Andersen, creation myths, Grimms' Fairy Tales, ethnic folk tales, and much more!
Urban Legends Reference Page

Website Links 400-699

400 Languages

400 General

Guide to Grammar and Writing  
LOGOS Dictionary   Translate words or phrases into 35 different languages.
Wiktionary   Online "contributor created" dictionary.

410 Linguistics

Ethnologue: Languages of the World   Helps with research on languages, not on speaking or learning languages.
Foreign Languages for Travelers   Help with basic skills in over 80 languages.
Languages   Audio and video online beginner courses in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Chinese and others.  (BBC)

420 English Language   Includes a thesaurus, a style manual, English dictionary, and other tools.
Acronym Finder
Online Etymology Dictionary  Explains origins of English words.

430 Germanic Languages

German Language   Free German lessons for beginners, a grammar guide, pronunciation guide, and more.
440 Romance Languages

Tex's French Grammar   Online French language textbook for beginners.
450 Italian, Romanian Languages
460 Spanish Languages

470 Latin

Selected Resources for Latin   Collection of links to Latin dictionaries, grammar guides and classical literature.

480 Greek

Greek Grammar on the Web  

490 Other Languages

Hindi: The Language of Songs   Sound bites and text on Hindi speaking regions of the world, dialects of Hindi, and a section on Hindi poets and authors.

500 Natural Sciences

500 Philosophy and Theory

Ask The Experts   Scientific American

510 Math   Mathematical resource in English and Spanish, with theorems, identities, tables, graphs and formulas. Online Calculators   Basic and scientific calculators.
GCalc : Free Online Graphing Calculator

520 Astronomy   This site offers astronomy news, sky events, weather information for stargazing, astronomy equipment guides, and related links.
Space Calendar   NASA
Moon Phase Calendar
North American Skies   Monthly sky charts posted in Mountain time.
The World Clock   Current time at locations all over the world.
Rader's   Information on the universe, galaxies, stars, solar system, and exploration.

530 Physics

Online Conversions   Different unit converters are organized here by type: temperature, length, cooking, volume, speed, power, etc.
How Many? A Dictionary of Units of Measurements
Rader's   Information on motion, heat and thermodynamics, electricity & magnetism, light, and modern physics topics.
Sixty Symbols   Videos about the symbols used in physics and astronomy.

Conserve the Sound: Sound Museum  : sounds from everyday objects

540 Chemistry

General Chemistry Online   Resources and guides for students, including tutorials and quizzes.
Chemicool   Gives you everything you've ever wanted to know about the elements, uses a periodic table.
Chemical  An interactive Periodic Table of Elements
Chemistry Virtual Textbook   Contains a first semester(beginner) and second semester(advanced) general chemistry textbook.  Also has student and teacher links.
Rader's   Information on matter, atoms, elements, the periodic table, reactions, and biochemistry. 
The Periodic Table of Videos   Short videos on elements, molecules and chemistry around the world. (University of Nottingham)

550 Earth Sciences

Volcano World   Has links to volcano activity throughout the world.
Earthquake Hazards Program   From the U.S. Geological Survey.
UMWeather   A comprehensive source of weather information.
Weather Safety   NOAA  Links to safety procedures and precautions.
Cloud Boutique   Learn to identify the different types of clouds with descriptions and photos.
U.S. Geological Survey   General information and educational resources in geology, mapping, and water resources.
Rader's   Introduction to the earth sciences that includes topics on the Earth's structure and energy, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere.

560 Paleontology

Dino Directory   Natural History Museum.

570 Biology

Encyclopedia of Life Information on every species - animal and plant. Contains written information, images, podcasts and video.   Online field guides from the National Audubon Society.
Biology Online   Includes articles, dictionary and tutorials about biology.
NCBI Taxonomy Browser   Complete scientific classification of any biological species by its common name or scientific name.
Rader's   Information on  cell structure, cell function, scientific studies, plants, vertebrates, invertebrates, and other life science topics. 

580 Plants

Plants Database   USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
Botany: Plant parts and functions   Illustrated guide to basic botany for students.

590 Animals

Map of Life  Information and locations for species around the world.(University of Colorado & Yale University)
Endangered Species   American and international lists.
Butterflies and Moths of North America   Covers areas of the U.S., northern Mexico, and Canada.
All About Birds   Provided by Cornell University.
Bird Checklists of the United States   Designed to help birdwatchers across the country.
Animal Omnibus   Collection of links for animals under eight major animal groups, including dinosaurs.
North Carolina Zoo

600 Applied Sciences

600 Inventions, Patents

National Inventors Hall of Fame
United States Patent and Trademark Office 

610 Medicine

Hospitals   Lists of hospital rankings, or search for any hospital in the U.S. to get contact information, types of treatment available, special services, and a link to its Website.
DoctorFinder   American Medical Association
Deciphering MedSpeak   Sponsored by The Medical Library Association.
CenterWatch: Clinical Trials   View thousands of ongoing clinical trial programs at hospitals and medical research facilities throughout the U.S.
Atlas of the Body: Anatomy and Medical Illustrations   Provide by AMA.
MedLinePlus   User-friendly access to every type of medical information, including Mental Health, from the National Library of Medicine.
HealthFinder   Reliable health information from the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services.
Merck(Health Publications)   Online versions of medical reference sources.   Latest medical information from the Mayo Clinic.
Dental Health   Provides links to everything you need to know about the care of your teeth, gums, and mouth.   Explains the revised food pyramid (now called "plate") of recommended selections from the various food groups.
USDA Nutrient Database 
Dietary Guidelines for Americans   Check out the tools, reports and research, and related resources to learn more about healthy eating and nutrition.   Nutrition: tips for improving your health.
MedlinePlus : Nutrition   Scroll down for pdfs, articles, and videos on the latest news, food group info, health check tools, organizations and statistics.
RxList   Information on prescription and non-prescription drugs.
Household Products Database   Learn about any health concerns connected to a product.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention   Information about diseases in any country of the world, health information for international travelers, and the latest updates on current disease outbreaks.
Web of Addictions   Information about alcohol, nicotine, drugs, and general substance abuse.
National Allergy Bureau   See pollen/mold spore count reports around the US.
OncoLink   Information on cancer causes, screening and prevention.   American Dental Association   An online guide to many common surgical procedures.
KidsHealth   Information on all aspects of children's health.
CHADD: Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder

620 Engineering

Autobytel   Car reviews, buying tips and financing tips.
Autobytel Green Cars   Illustrated reviews of new cars, compare prices, search for used cars and care and repair information.
Kelley Blue Book
NADA Appraisal Guides   Prices, specs, reviews for cars, motorcycles, boats, RVs and manufactured homes.
Division of Air Control: Motor Vehicles   NC Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources - fuel emissions information.   Online version of the federal government's Fuel Economy Guide provides the latest mileage rates for vehicles, from 1985 to current models.
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration   Information about auto safety: vehicle equipment, crash tests results and a recall database.

630 Gardening, Pets

USDA Hardiness Zone Map   Growing conditions in areas across the USA.   View links on choosing grasses, lawn pests, weed control, irrigation systems, and lawn tools.
The Garden Helper   Gardening, Flowers and Houseplant care.
Forest and Tree Publications   USDA Forest Service.
The U.S. Humane Society   Provides information on care for all kind of animals: pets, farm animals and wildlife.
AVMA Online   American Veterinary Medical Association.  A well-organized database of veterinary and medical science resources, and the Electronic Zoo.
Aquarium at Fort Fisher  
How to Care for Aquarium Fish   Freshwater aquariums.
How to Care for a Saltwater Aquarium 

640 Home Economics and Family Living

eHow   Instructions on how to do almost anything - how to tie a bowtie, address a wedding invitation, eat mangoes, or change a flat tire.
ConsumerSearch   ConsumerSearch synthesizes the reviews of  well-known consumer product evaluations to give you a complete picture of pros and cons.   Contains full text versions of federal consumer publications in 16 categories concerning federal programs, health, housing, employment, money, children, and more.   Latest recall information on consumer products.
Food Safety   Deals with food safety and quality: breaking news; the latest information on foodborne illnesses; food safety lessons and tips; links to food safety related resources.  Iowa State University
Farmers' Markets and Local Food Marketing   Information on farmers' markets and also link to find ones near Wilmington.  (USDA)
RecipeSource    Over 70,000 recipes, includes those for restricted diets, kids, special occasions - even treats for your pet. Particularly useful for browsing ethnic recipes.
Epicurious   Recipes, menus, articles, guides, videos and cookbook reviews. 
Epicurious 80 Global Dishes   Video recipes.
Spices101   View an illustrated description, then read about the uses, origins, and folklore of various spices and herbs.   McCormick & Co.
Enhanced Calorie Calculator   Determine the number of fat grams and calories in a designated serving size.   View dozens of illustrated guides on everything from Sewing Machine Basics to Replacing a Button.  Also project instructions.
FabricLink   Everything on fabrics: garment tag care symbols, stain removal tips, burn tests for fabric identification, and more.
BabyCenter   Constantly updated, this great site for new and expectant parents covers such subjects as pregnancy, baby care, nutrition, and other related topics.

650 Business   Learn to type using 27 online guided lessons illustrated with photos and diagrams.
Small Business Association   Information on starting or expanding a small business.
SCORE: Counselors to America's Small Business   This site has links to all kinds of free information for people starting up a small business.   Collection of free sample business plans to use in setting up a new business, along with plenty of links to practical business advice.
The Business Journals   Online access to over 40 business newspapers.
PR Newswire   Business news from corporations worldwide.  Searchable by industry, company, state, stock symbol, or keyword.  Specialized databases covering finance, home electronics, technology, entertainment, and others.

660 Chemical Engineerng

670 General Manufacturing

ThomasNet   Online version of the Thomas Register, the multi-volume print reference source for nearly 200,000 manufacturers and industrial suppliers in North America.

680 Specific Manufacturing   Information on making new purchases, making repairs or contacting major appliance manufacturers.

690 Building

Builder   The online version of Builder magazine has thousands of house plans and building products.
Home Improvement   From Better Homes and Gardens has a lot to offer on home improvement topics: plumbing, wiring, carpentry, decks, masonry/concrete, and landscaping.
Project How-To   Detailed instructions for hundreds of home improvement projects.  (Home Depot)

Website Links 700-999

700 The Arts

700 Organizations and Collections

Art History: Resources on the web Search by period, search box available for specific topics.  Lists of other art websites, artists, image resources, visual resources and projects, research and methodology, online journals and periodical searches.
Art Cyclopedia : Fine Art Search Engine
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Pacific Asia Museum  You cannot download any images from this site.
Smithsonian American Art Museum
World Wide Arts Resources   Databases of artists, museums, dance and theatre resources, galleries and exhibitions.
Yahoo Museums, Galleries, and Centers   Locate facilities that exhibit art works - local and international.
AskArt: The Artists' Bluebook   Profiles of international painters, sculptors, and illustrators. Includes a brief biography, a list of books and magazine articles about the artist, and digital images of the artist's work.
Yahoo Artists   Locate individual Web pages for sculptors, painters, and artists of every medium, including great masters.

710 Civic and Landscape Art

720 Architecture

Great Buildings Collection   Architectural database of photos, histories, and descriptions of famous buildings.
Frank Lloyd Wright   Companion site to the PBS film by Ken Burns has photos and commentary on Wright's buildings, as well as essays on Wright himself and on his architecture.
All-Wright Site   This site offers a complete guide to Frank Lloyd Wright's built work.
Architectual Record   Architecture design, modern architecture, and green architecture from McGraw Hill Construction.

730 Sculpture                                                                                                                                         

Art of Asia : Ceramics
Ceramic arts daily  Online magazine, article topics listed at bottom of page.
Chinese Ceramics Teacher Page  Contains 3 lessons
Classical Art Research Centre: Pottery Database
Clay Art Web Guide   online ceramic portal serving the clay art community since 2000.
Contemporary Ceramic Artists (Ceramics Today)  Great list of prominent contemporary ceramic artists with descriptions and websites, also includes articles on different topics.
Contemporary Ceramic Artists (Access Ceramics) Slideshow of influential contemporary work with a long list of artists (321 contributing); each has a small portfolio of work on the site.
Pottery Magic: Glossary  Also has information on techniques, history, glazes, projects
Virtual Ceramics Exhibit
World Ceramics (Minneapolis Institute of Art)  Explore ceramic pieces from USA, Mexico, Nigeria, Greece, China, Japan, Hungary, Sweden, and the UK with excellent detailed information.
International Sculpture Center   A comprehensive source of information on sculpture around the world.

740 Drawing and Decorative Arts

Kovel's Antiques and Collectibles Price Guide
Stitch Guide Information   View illustrations of many popular needlework stitches for beading, crocheting, knitting, cross-stitch, plastic canvas, and quilting.
World Wide Quilting Page   This site has quilting patterns with instructions, regional information, a bulletin board, mailing lists and an online library.

750 Painting

Art Crimes : The Writing on the Wall  Graffiti from around the world.
Famous Artworks Exhibit   This site includes an artist index, glossary, and a collection of images of paintings from the thirteenth through the twentieth century, including a special section on Japanese art and architecture.

760 Graphic Arts

770 Photography   Online photography exhibits, equipment reviews, plus tips and techniques for the camera enthusiast.

780 Music

OperaGlass   Opera composers and librettists, opera companies, and an extensive list of links to opera-related web sites.
Symphony Orchestras  List of the home pages for symphony orchestras around the world.
PD INFO   Identification guide of public domain music, and a list of thousands of songs that are free to use in the U.S.
ARTISTDirect   contains discographies, biographies, sound and image files, hundreds of links, and other information on pop music from acoustic to zydeco.
allmusic   Essays, articles, statistics, and a searchable database.

790 Recreational and Performing Arts

The Internet Movie Database (IMDB)   Covers nearly all movies, including the latest releases and movies in production.
Rotten Tomatoes   Enter the title of a recent movie or video and get links to printed reviews - good and bad.
Screen It!   Along with reviews, a rating, and suggested suitability for various age groups, you can find objective descriptions of each film's scenes involving violence, nudity, profanity, terror, etc.
TV Guide Online   Network and cable television station program listings.   Searchable database of episodes for thousands of shows.   Books, recordings, trivia, theater news, and theater listings.
Online Ballet Dictionary   Dancers from the American Ballet Theatre demonstrate ballet movements with Quicktime movies that are instructive, as well as fascinating to watch! Definitions, pronunciation guides, and movies are provided for 170 classical ballet terms.
Joffrey Ballet   View this classical ballet company's performance schedule and tour dates, and read about Joffrey's history.
allgame   Descriptions and histories of over 30,000 electronic games for nearly all computer game platforms.
Card Games   Provides links to rules for card games and tile games around the world.
American Camp Association  
Theme Parks   News, links, and articles about theme/amusement parks, zoos, entertainment centers, and other recreational pastimes around the world.
CBS   A Superstar Athletes section, the latest sport news, team pages, Olympic Sports and Fantasy Sports sections.
NBA   National Basketball Association
WNBA   Women's National Basketball Association
Golf Course Finder   Provides detailed course descriptions for thousands of golf courses worldwide.   Information on tournaments, expositions, local PGA offices and upcoming events.   National Football League
NCAA Football    Information on conferences, schedules, scores, rankings, records, awards, stats, and bowl games.   Major League Baseball   The official site for the baseball farm teams.

800 Literature

800 Philosophy and Theory

Famous Poets and Poems  A collection of poems and quotes.
Poets' Corner   Online poetry database.
Poetry Foundation   The world of poetry with audio poetry readings-podcasts and videos, the Poem of the Day, a database of thousands of poems, and poetry award lists.  The Academy of American Poets contains poems and biographical information.
Poetry and Literature  Library of Congress
Poetry Out Loud  Information about the National Poetry contest and a database of poems.

SparkNotes   Online study guides for many high school and college subjects - literature and 18 other course subjects.   SAT and AP test prep.   Online study notes-literature and other subject areas, online textbooks, and digital library of 1800 online classic books.
CliffsNotes   Lit Notes, course guides and test prep.
Grade Saver ClassicNotes   Online literature study guides-author profiles, chapter summaries, practice quiz questions.  Also has guides to plays, poetry, and films. (Harvard University students)
Literature Learning Guides   Includes summary, themes, analysis, characters and relevant website links for each title. (Shmoop)
Literary Criticism (ipl2)   Provides links to a collection of more than 1,000 Websites devoted to literary criticism.
American Rhetoric   Locate audio and video versions of thousands of public speeches given in the U.S.A., including movie speeches, religious sermons, and the 100 most significant political speeches.
The Quotations Page 

810 American Literature

Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore   Links to biographies, literary criticism, and the texts of his poems and short stories are included.
The Poe Museum
The Official Website of Mark Twain  
Lincoln's Speeches and Writings   Letters, speeches, proclamations, and poems by Abraham Lincoln.
Perspectives in American Literature   Covers over 450 authors and Literary Time periods.   (California State University)
Author Links   Brief biographies and 3-5 other website links for each author.  (Bedford/St.Martin's)
Native American Authors   Provides information on Native North American authors with bibliographies of their published works, biographical information, and links to online resources including interviews, online texts and tribal websites.
Harlem Renaissance Materials : Library of Congress web guide
Perspectives on American Literature : research and reference guide

820 English Literature

Chaucer MetaPage    Organizes and provides links to websites covering Geoffrey Chaucer, also to information that covers the time period. (UNC)
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare   A compiled collection of the Bard of Avon's works.
The Charles Dickens Page   Descriptions of all of his fictional characters, links to the full texts of Dickens' works, a Dickens genealogy chart - even an interactive map of Dickens' London.
Representative Poetry Online   Search by poet, poem, first and last lines or time periods.  An emphasis on British Poetry. ( Univ. of Toronto)
The William Blake Archive  
Luminarium : Anthology of English Literature   Covers Medieval and Renaissance literature and also writers from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.
Author Links   Brief biographies and 3-5 other website links for each author. (Bedford/St.Martin's)

830 German Language Literature
840 Romance Language Literature
850 Italian Language Literature
860 Spanish Language Literature

870 Latin Language Literature

Selected Resources for Latin   Collection of links to Latin dictionaries, grammar guides and classical literature.
Author Links   Brief biographies and 3-5 other website links for each author. (Bedford/St.Martin's)

880 Greek Language Literature

The Internet Classics Archive   Aesop's Fables, Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, Plato's Republic, the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, and more.

890 Other Language Literatures

900 Geography-History

900 History

EyeWitness to   From the Ancient World to the present. History through the eyes of those who lived it.  Primary sources.  Includes documents, photos, voices and film clips.   Popular history information from the History Channel.

910 Geography and Travel

Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection Includes maps connected to current global news stories. (University of Texas)
Country Studies Contains studies of 101 countries, with particular attention to current cultural details, values, and issues. (Library of Congress)
Every    Countries and their cultures
Discoverers Web   A comprehensive directory of links to information about world explorers and discoverers.
CIA World Factbook   Informantion on over 260 countries: current issues, geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues.
NationMaster : Compare International Statistics
National Geographic MapMachine   View satellite photos and street maps of cities and towns in the U.S. and around the world.
America's Byways   See information about the archaeological, cultural, historic, environmental, scenic, and recreational significance of each road .  Search by State or City and State.
Getty Thesaurus of Geographical Names   Lists nearly 1 million place names, with longitude and latitude, as well as descriptive notes.  
Find A Park (National Park Service)   Find a National Park by name, location, or theme.

920 Biography, Genealogy, Names and Insignias

Flags of the World   Flags for countries, pirates, weather, signals, and more. 
Flag Rules and Regulations   Complete information on how to fold the American flag, and when, where and how to display it properly.
States and Capitals   Fact sheet for each of the 50 states.

Biographies : SweetSearch 

930 Ancient World

The Ancient Greek World   Information on Ancient Greek history, art, trade and religion is provided by the University of Pennsylvania.
Rome: Republic to Empire   Historical and cultural topics, such as government, clothing, gladiators and theatre.
The Romans   The site surveys the history, life, and culture of Rome from its foundation to the end of the Roman empire in the east.
Forum Romanum   Contains a clickable map and text links that will carry visitors to information about major structures of the Roman Forum.

940 History of Europe

World War I : Trenches on the Web   Information on the people, places and events of World War I.
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum   A virtual tour of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.

950 History of Asia

Asia Society   Comprehensive source for Asian/Pacific countries: the latest news, a calendar of events, and links to articles, maps, Asian holidays, and business protocol.
The Vietnam Center and Archive   Covers all aspects of the American experience in the Vietnamese Conflict, 1961-1975: oral history, images, archival information.   (Texas Tech University)

960 History of Africa

970 History of North America and U.S.

Native Web   Information on the culture and history of native peoples in North and South America, plus links to related Web sites and organizations.
AMDOCS : Documents for the Study of American History  Primary sources.
American Memories Collection   Over 100 digitized collections from the Library of Congress that include photographs, manuscripts, rare books, maps, recorded sound, and moving pictures.
POTUS(Presidents of the United States)    Background information, election results, cabinet members, notable events, and some points of interest.  Links to biographies, historical documents, audio and video files, and other presidential sites are also included. (Internet Public Library)
American Civil War Homepage   Collection of internet resources including timelines, photographs and drawings, music and poetry, letters, diaries, combatant rosters and related military information.  Resources page is subdivided for easy research.  (University of Tennessee)
The Virtual Wall   An interactive site for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.
The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire   Interviews with survivors and witnesses, and original documents.
African-Americans in the Armed Forces

Fort Fisher   Includes information on battles, maps, politics and forces as relates to the Civil War and also World War II.
USS North Carolina Battleship  Information about history, events and programs.
State Archives of North Carolina 
NCpedia   North Carolina Encyclopedia
North Carolina Museum of History  History Highlights
Explore the States : North Carolina  Library of Congress : North Carolina  State information

980 History of South America

990 History of Other Areas

Arctic Theme Page   View maps, photos, and links to information on all aspects of the Arctic area, including northern lights, animals, native peoples, environment, and exploration. (NOAA)
Guide to Australia   History, government, geography, maps, weather and everything else you might like to know about the states and territories of Australia.  (Charles Sturt University)