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Sophomore Research: Finding Sources

     Where to Search

Source Review

The most helpful sources for your research paper will be those sources that are provided by Ashley High Media Center.

These will include:

It is very important to login with the appropriate passwords to these sites to get the best results. Make sure you have the necessary passwords from the librarian or your teacher.

Online Research : Tips for Effective Search Strategies

Use Boolean Operators to help expand or narrow your searches. (3:04 min) Make sure you are logged into your Google account to watch video.

Search Terms to Use in Databases and Catalog

Cause and effect sources are potentially anything that has factual information.

Searching for your topic with the term "causes of" or "effects of" can be a great way to get articles in databases to support your paper.

Here are a few other terms you might try. 

Good for Cause searches : "reasons for",  why, factors

Good for Effect searches : "impact of", correlation, complications, benefits

Good for Both kinds of searches : patterns, statistics, influence, role of, associated with or associated of

COM Library

Follett Destiny Library Catalog

Search Our Catalog for Books. Use your Powerschool login. 


Search Webpath Express for Academic Websites. You need to login before you have access. Use your Powerschool login.

GVRL : Gale Virtual Reference Library


Search GVRL for ebooks on your topic.

Find Data and Statistics by Subject

Statistics can potentially be great for cause or effect. Here are some top sites for statistics.

Statistics Writing Guide ( UNC-Chapel Hill) Important information about how to use statistics effectively.

United States

General Social Survey

Suggested Databases for Cause & Effect or Compare & Contrast

  Scholarly articles across all subject areas

   Tips and strategies for entrepreneurs.

  Covers world's major news content.

  Science related articles, updated daily.

  Professional Education topics covered.

  Law enforcement, security, terrorism.

  Advertising and public relations, linguistics.

  Treatment techniques, experimental research.

  Articles on popular culture analysis.

  US History- for both novice historians and advanced researchers.

  War-its causes, current events, terrorism.

  World History-current thinking & scholarly work.

  World religions, philosophies, and related fields.

  Explore cultural differences, influences in society.