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Ashley High Media Center: Library Media Assistants

Library Media Assistants


The role of the student library media assistant is to have a service learning experience.  They provide assistance to students and faculty and help with the successful operation of the media center.  Through performance-based assignments, media assistants learn Information and Media skills based on the NCDPI High School Media Assistant curriculum. These students are able to develop life-long information skills as a result of this experience.

Destiny Link

Spring Semester 2019

Trails Quizzes


Don't forget to take your weekly Trails quiz. Use your same code for each quiz.

The Mind's Treasure Chest

Creating Destiny Collections

Library Research Tutorials: Austin Community College

Tutorials were created by Austin Community College Library Services for their students. Most of the information is applicable to all library users.

After you work your way through the short tutorials, you can take a quiz and review your right and wrong answers.

Tutorials: Choosing A Topic, Identifying Keywords, Finding Background Information, Finding Books & eBooks, Finding Articles, Demystifying Research Articles, Building Research Papers, Evaluating Information, Finding Scientific Information

Canva Tutorials


           Canva Tutorials for Getting Started, Layout, Background, Images and more.

How to Use Animoto

WIX Tutorial

How to Choose Your News

Narrative Nonfiction Book Report


Choose a book from the Narrative Nonfiction resource list posted in our catalog.  Check out one of the titles by Nov. 26th. 


Annotated Bibliographies

Click on the link to the Libguide about Annotated Bibliographies to get guidance on how to complete your assignments about this topic.

Privacy Week Assignments

 Virtual Privacy Lab    (Provided by San Jose Public Library)

Read the Overview : What is Online Privacy.  Complete the Build Your Toolkit survey at the end. Print out your results. Complete the Social Media & Online Sharing module and also the Your Information Footprint module.  Print out results from the surveys.  

Create a poster about privacy week : it should be a one page 8.5x11" either using Word or Publisher, encouraging others to find out about Privacy Week, first week in May.


Watch the Choose Privacy Week video, complete the attached survey questions on what you have learned from this video about keeping your privacy.