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Eugene Ashley Jr.: Resources

Medal of Honor Recipient, Vietnam War

Websites on the Vietnam War

Video in AHS Collection : Lang Vei   VID 959.704 LAN

A news documentary analyzing the events that took place during the Battle of Lang Vei during the Vietnam Conflict. 

Online History : The Vietnam War

Database Suggestions

Book Suggestions

        Route 9 Problem by Dave Stockwell

Publication date : 11/08/2016

Wide selection of books on the Vietnam War in the Dewey section 959.704

eBook Suggestions for Background Information

Weapons of the Vietnam War

Top 5 Tech Developments of the Vietnam War.

More information from the History Channel on Weapons of the Vietnam War.

Deconstructing History : Huey Helicopters in Vietnam.

Books : Vietnam War Weapons


     by Michael Green, 359.8 Gre


     959.704 Vie