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ESL/ELL Resources: Websites of Interest

Resources for teachers and students


GCF Tutorials : Math, Reading and Technology

Click the tab for a subject area of interest. For Reading, you have the option to be instructed in your native language (if your language is one of those offered). Technology includes tutorials on Basic Computer, Basic Internet, Microsoft Office, Facebook, Google.

Free Learn English Tutorial at GCFLearnFree

Free Rice

Interactive Spelling Bee

News and Current Events

Breaking News English

This site provides easy-to-read news articles with vocabulary and comprehension exercises.

National and International Newspapers

This comphrehensive resource provides links to newspapers from the United States and around the world.


New In Levels : World News for Students of English

The website that helps students interested in football improve their English language skills. Soccer fans can enhance these skills with lots of free language resources: a weekly podcast, football phrases, explanations of football vocabulary, football cliches, worksheets, quizzes and much more at

A great site for football (soccer) lovers!